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November 15, 2011


Great day at TechNet 2011 in Helsinki where I attended the Windows Phone UX session. I have been very pleased to see that Microsoft innovated in the field of smartphone user interfaces with Metro, a UI which is extensively based on typography (different from the iOS and Android UIs). The look and feel of the […]

Something I’ve seen before….

October 26, 2011


Note: I’m not implying anything – these are 2 different devices, different UIs, and most likely different materials – except that the Lumia is iPodesque in its own way. (and I once hoped Apple would release an iPod Nano with a large touch screen with this same narrow form factor) Edit (27.10.2011): The shape of […]

The iPhone 4S

October 24, 2011


Now that the dust has settled, what have we learned from the iPhone 4S and why is this product in line with previous products that Apple has released? First, this post will not be a review of the iPhone 4S, others have done the job already (notably John Gruber’s excellent review on DF). My focus […]

User experience and emotions

October 16, 2011


Good user experience appeals to emotions and looks for ways to build an (emotional) bond between the user and the product/service. I like the way Siri (Apple’s voice-command interface released with iOS 5) puts this at work: it’s fun, witty, humorous… More examples of Siri can be found in this thread on Macrumors’ website.

Talk today at Renmin University of China

October 12, 2011


It’s in the news.

Tablets and readers…

September 29, 2011


Samsung, Motorola, HP… they all tried to get into the tablet market, with no success. Now it’s Amazon’s turn to give a try with a different strategy; one that might pay off. Amazon’s strength is that they can leverage their e-commerce and cloud platform to build an interesting offering, that is totally different from Apple’s. […]

Seminar on endogeneity and causal inference

September 26, 2011


Very interesting seminar today by Michael Zhang, Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The title of the speech was Endogeneity and causal inference. It dealt with problems with model building and testing in empirical research. Issues with endogeneity arise when we do not identify the right causes for a phenomenon and […]