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Tablets and readers…

September 29, 2011


Samsung, Motorola, HP… they all tried to get into the tablet market, with no success. Now it’s Amazon’s turn to give a try with a different strategy; one that might pay off. Amazon’s strength is that they can leverage their e-commerce and cloud platform to build an interesting offering, that is totally different from Apple’s. […]

Seminar on endogeneity and causal inference

September 26, 2011


Very interesting seminar today by Michael Zhang, Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The title of the speech was Endogeneity and causal inference. It dealt with problems with model building and testing in empirical research. Issues with endogeneity arise when we do not identify the right causes for a phenomenon and […]

First week in Xi’an

September 24, 2011


First week went pretty smoothly. It took me some time to settle and get into the rhythm here. I had one speech about the lazy user model, met many professors and lecturers from XJTU and talked with doctoral students. My speech about the lazy user model (LUM) included a summary of the most used technology […]

Xi’an, Day 2 …

September 21, 2011


Not much going on… getting settled here: got an office space, Internet is working (I mean… you know!), planned the next 2 weeks in Xi’an. I will be giving one speech about the lazy user model, there will be 3 days of seminars, meeting with doctoral students, dinner with faculty and students. Looking forward to […]

In China one month…

September 20, 2011


Gearing up for China… Will be first visiting Xi’an Jiaotong University, and then Renmin University of China in Beijing. Loooong weeks behind me with the start of the new academic year back in Åbo. Everything is settled (?): I can go and let go. I arrived yesterday in Xi’an, 2 Masters students picked me up […]