OMG!!! they removed the Caps-lock button!

Posted on December 16, 2010


Anyone who’s got a bit of background in usability understands that one should not break design conventions… unless one has a very good reason to do so.

Google lately introduced their CR-48 Chrome notebook, in pilot testing program, (you can apply for one here: Chrome OS + hardware as you would expect it from any notebook, except that they removed the Caps-lock button and replaced it with a Search key :-0

Immediate reactions and implications:
– “what da what da??”
– OK, who uses caps-lock nowadays anyway? if you want to make yourself heard: use the Shift key and continue typing…

But then, when you really think about it:
– is there a more profound rationale behind this decision? obviously a deeper integration with Google’s success product (=search), but could there be more integration potential with applications developed for Chrome?
– or just a differentiation trick (see article:

My two cents… what do you think?

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