Will social media save TV networks?

Posted on December 7, 2010


TV networks are facing increased competition from online media. One of the challenges of TV networks is to offer personalized, on-demand and interactive content – features which are inherent to online media.

Yesterday (Dec 6, 2010), the scene was set for an interesting new format in one of Finland’s largest audience-drawing TV show:  Finland’s Independence Day Presidential Ball (an audience of 2.3 million viewers in a country with 2.4 million TV households according to YLE, the Finnish television network).  During the 4-hour shows, viewers could send tweets via Twitter and comment on the Ball;tweets were broadcasted to TV-viewers through Text-TV and could also be viewed at the same time as the show went (image below).

Altogether, more than 1200 tweets were sent, and, according to YLE website http://yle.fi/linnanjuhlat/2010/ and many tweets that can be read in the #linnanjuhlat channel, this new format was very welcomed.

Will this new kind of cross-media format save TV networks? What do you think?

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