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Off topic…

December 21, 2010


with respect to the content of this blog. Ken Robinson’s views on learning and education are really inspiring. 55 minutes from a brilliant, smart, funny and very human speaker. Enjoy!

OMG!!! they removed the Caps-lock button!

December 16, 2010


Anyone who’s got a bit of background in usability understands that one should not break design conventions… unless one has a very good reason to do so. Google lately introduced their CR-48 Chrome notebook, in pilot testing program, (you can apply for one here: Chrome OS + hardware as you would expect it from […]

Lazy thoughts on ICT adoption

December 14, 2010


ICT adoption is a major concern for any stakeholder involved in the ICT ecosystem. Whether you’re a developer, a provider, an integrator, or even a user, we all want to understand the factors that favor ICT adoption (understanding these factors helps us designing products that will be adopted). From an academic point of view, research […]

Will social media save TV networks?

December 7, 2010


TV networks are facing increased competition from online media. One of the challenges of TV networks is to offer personalized, on-demand and interactive content – features which are inherent to online media. Yesterday (Dec 6, 2010), the scene was set for an interesting new format in one of Finland’s largest audience-drawing TV show:  Finland’s Independence […]

Creating a user experience with social media – case: Nagubo

December 1, 2010


Here’s an interesting example on how to create a user experience with social media: meet Bertel Nagubo! Bertel Nagubo is an inhabitant of the Nauvo island (Nagu in Swedish) in the archipelago. As described on its Twitter account: “Bor i Nagu. Trivs i Nagu. Har rötter i Nagu. Sedan flera hundra år. Har kommit med på […]